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Australian made, custom, hand-crafted flowers made from your fabric
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Frequently Asked Questions     

1. What kind of fabrics can be used to create flowers from?
Most fabrics are suitable, including natural, synthetic, silk, organza, velvet, cottons or georgette fabric. If your fabric is something unusual, just email us at and we’ll clarify if we can use it or not.

2. How much fabric needs to be provided?
This will depend on the dimension, complexity and the quantity of the flower(s) you require. Generally fabric requirements vary from 8-12 times the area of the flower and must be wider than the flower’s diameter.

4. What kind of flowers can be produced?
Roses, peonies, lilies, camellias, frangipanis, orchids and gardenias are all possible. You can view a range of flowers on our other website. Go to: and click on the ‘Custom Made Flowers’ button on the left hand side.

5. What if I don’t even know the name of the flower I want created?

As long as we have some kind of reference such as a drawing or picture we can often replicate it by copying it from the image.

6. What steps are involved in placing an order?
Send us
a. A completed order form. This is available from:
It has all the questions we need answered in order to start your job
b. Your fabric (allow for 8-12x the area of each flower, and wider than the flowers diameter)
c. Any additional resources such as picture, drawing etc.

7. How long will it take to complete the job?
Approximately 2 weeks from when we receive the order details and fabric. Although this may vary if it is a particularly large order. Urgent orders can be completed much quicker if prior arrangements have been made.

8. When is payment required and what are the payment options?
Payment is required in full on completion of the order. You can download your order form by
clicking here.
We accept credit card, or paypal payments (via the website at

9. What can I expect when my order arrives
a. Your flowers will be delivered by Post or Courier. Flowers are usually packaged in clear display boxes and dispatched in strong packaging to minimize the risk of damage.

10. What if I have any further questions?
Our small, customer-focused team are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Contact us now, on 0288 90665 (NZ mobile) or email
Click here to download the instruction / order form. We look forward to hearing from you!